Mini-Course: Master your anxious thoughts

In this mini-course, I share with you tools to master your anxious thoughts. In each module, we practice together one of the tools. It's all about finding the best tool for you and start using it consistently to get the best results.

By entering your name and email you'll be able to buy the mini-course and download the ebook so you can practice the tools by yourself. Remember repetition is the key to create new habits and stick to them. Happy learning!

This is not a tool to diagnose yourself. If you have worries about mental health you should reach out to your doctor.

Module 1 - PREPARING

Today we'll prepare ourselves to find in our minds a special place where it feels calm and safe. Using our imagination is a powerful tool to control our anxious thoughts. Together we'll create a happy place that you'll be able to visit anytime. In 3 minutes or less, I'll guide you to imagine that special place.

Module 2 - AWAKENING

Today is all about awareness. We'll work together to start noticing what triggers the anxious thoughts and even what physical signs do you notice when the anxiety starts. Being aware of these little changes will empower you to notice the triggers of the anxious thoughts.

Module 3 - BREATHING

In day 3 we will practice a breathing technique to calm our mind and body in the shortest time. We always underestimate how powerful our breathing can be. In a matter of minutes, our whole body can start calming down by connecting to our breathing.


In day 4 we'll practice grounding ourselves with our senses and connecting to our bodies. This is a simple exercise but a powerful one. Also, you can use it when you're in the street or in a public place without being noticed. Essential oils are a great resource, and fidgeting devices too.

Module 5 - REPEATING

We'll review today all the tools we've seen this week. The key to all these tools to work and to give you all the benefits is to put them to use. The more you'll put in place these practices they will become habits and help you calm your mind.

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